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Nyhus Enterprises offers the fast, economical, and popular option of Steel Grit Blasting. Steel grit produces an etched surface on metal for superior adhesion of paint, powder coating, epoxy and other coatings. It quickly strips many types of surface contaminants from steel and various other materials. Steel grit is becoming popular because it takes a minimal amount of time making in an extremely economical process to remove unwanted finishes and it leaves an excellent bonding surface. Some of the best uses include: cleaning cast iron, steel, surface preparation, and rust removal.

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We have a large indoor blasting bay that will accommodate very large projects, including heavy equipment, dump trucks, garbage trucks, and many other projects. Our blasting bay is 25’ x 86’ so we can blast rain or shine, and night or day!

At Nyhus Enterprises we use a state-of-the-art, steel grit recycling system that reuses the grit until it completely dissipates, making steel grit an environmentally friendly solution. Contact Nyhus Enterprises today to learn how we can help you with steel grit blasting!

Steel Grit Blasting

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