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Nyhus Enterprises offers quality and affordable burn off services. We use a heat-cleaning oven to remove materials such as varnish, paint, oil, and plastic from metal products. Our oven has the ability to clean aluminum, steel, and iron.

Heat-cleaning ovens burn at up to 900 degrees in an oxygen deprived environment. All materials on the metal product are turned to ash leaving the metal like new and ready for reuse.

The Burn Off Process

Heat-cleaning ovens are an efficient alternative for cleaning metal products. Chemical removal is hazardous to both people and the environment. Sandblasting is abrasive and can damage the metal.

The heat-cleaning oven heats at up to 900 degrees in an oxygen deficient environment. Sensors prevent run-away fires by activating water misters to cool the oven.

At approximately 250 degrees solvents and hydrocarbons turn to vapor leaving carbon and inorganic compounds behind. At a temperature around 500 degrees combustion of the material begins and lasts for approximately two hours. During this time the carbon turns into carbon dioxide. The remaining ash is manually removed, generally using a power washer. This leaves the metal clean and ready to be reused.

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